Chinese Version
18 Apr 2009

Elites of business associations and will visit to China for business investigation on 4th May


the delegation of American business elite will visit to China for investment investigation, which the trip is arranged by CUSCCon Friday, the press conference was held in New York. The China-U.S.Chamber of Commerce has been committed to the U.S. and Chinese entrepreneurs to set up a high-level bridge between two countries. The investment business delegation will visit to China in the near future. The projects including real estate, finance, education, infrastructure, science and technology, steel trade and other many fields.

     When asked why the strengthened the investments in China during global economic downturn, the president of China-U.S.Chamber of Commerce Wynn Wang said: "The mission's project also includes that introduce the Chinese iron and steel smelting technology into the advanced world."

     Lopez, president of U.S. Steel Work, said: "People do not know the Chinese industrial industry leaders and engineers have made ​​great achievements, now is a good opportunity for China not only to the U.S. market, and to the world shows that China is not an enemy, but a country which will make a significant contribution to world economic development.”

     China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce also said that investment Delegation is ready not only for ample funds, and will also introduce advanced technology and international management model to China. Meanwhile, they will also expand the influence of Chinese enterprises to the world.