Chinese Version
12 Jan 2009

China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce Wang Wynn his party come to inspect salt chemical projects Wuyang


On 12th January, China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce president Wynn Wang and his entourage come to inspect the salt chemical projects in Wuyang county. Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Zhi Yang, municipal Vice Chairman Sonehe Yang accompanied the expedition. Wynn Wang has deeplyinspected the Henan Golden Dadi Salt Chemical companies; Wuyang County Magistrate Liu Guoqin introduced the regional advantages, Stalinization resources, investment environment, investment prospects, etc of Wuyang.


Wuyang has a national first grade, second reserves salinization resources, its location advantages are obvious.. In recent years, the county has fully taken the advantages of salt resources and environment. In order to improve the means of quality of service as the carrier, innovative service delivery, through policy guidance, financial support and other means, to take long-distance services and close combination of personal service,which has successfully attracted Henan Golden Land, Henan Yongyin and other famous. enterprises settled in Wuyang.

Wang Wynnwas strong giving appreciation on Wuyang’s salt chemical industry, he said, come back home after many years, feel very excited, and he will do his best to do something for the home development, will also be publicize and promote Wuyang, contributed more to Wuyang merchants to seize favorable opportunity to invest in Wuhang.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ---Translated by Luhan Tang