Chinese Version
13 Jan 2008

US-China Chamber of Commerce delegation visits Luohe


On 11st -13rd January 2008, president Wynn Wang as the head of the China-U.S.  Chamber of Commerce delegation was invited to visit city Luohe and conducted a three-day business inspection activities. inspection activities were rich in content, forms, with remarkable results, the main show the following characteristics:

First, the leaders attach importance to high specification
China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce is one of the most representative international Chamber of Commerce, which has strong and rich in resources with many of the top 500 U.S. companies and well-known enterprises. The municipal government attaches great importance on the delegation's visit. During the inspection, city leaders attended the forum, such as the main activities of the signing ceremony, the city leaders carried out to give great attention and support.

Second, the clear intention and wide field
President Mr. Wang investigated main projects Sha Li River Development, Economic Development Zone,salinization Industrial Park, ShaLi industrial concentration areas.Clear intention to cooperate, mainly related to trade, science and technology, education, urban construction and other fields, and to conduct regular bilateral cultural and educational exchanges, actively assist the city with the conditions listed in the U.S, and build integrated in Luohe eco-city construction projects.

---Translated by Luhan Tang


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