Chinese Version
20 Oct 2011

Second Development Conference was successfully held by China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce in New York


The Second China Growth Conference has been successfully conducted in Princeton Club of New York, this was held by the New York-renowned consulting firm Adam Friedman Associates and a number of Wall Street investment banks and securities firms co-sponsored. The Sponsors also includes a lot of financial institutions in the Chinese market, such as Deutsche Bank, Thomson Financial, Xinhua Finance, and the American Stock Exchange and so on. Honggang Chen vice president of China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce was invited to attend the meeting.


The purpose of the meeting is to help Chinese companies who are already in the U.S. stock market or wish to listed in the United States, and understand better the U.S. capital markets needs. On the other hand, this meeting also can help these companies come into contact with the Chinese securities industry interested U.S. investors. There are more than 20 Chinese enterprises and 150 U.S. institutional investors participates in the conference, including in the U.S. stock market listing or want to U.S.-listed Chinese companies(Many of them excellent potential for development of Chinese private enterprises.). And medium or large investment funds on Wall Street, private equity funds and so on.


  The first day of two-day meeting is mainly through panel discussions and lectures to help Chinese companies to understand the operation of the U.S. capital markets and listed company’s responsibility. On the second day, for the Chinese company to investors as a Roadshow referrals. Conference site also live for global investors and via the Internet.


    Honggang Chen said at the meeting, the next two years for Chinese companies would be a good harvest year on Wall Street. After September, Beijing New Oriental listed on the NYSE, there will be a number of Chinese enterprises, and especially private enterprises begin to appear in New York stock exchanges.