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Grace L. Shu

      Dr. Grace Shu has worked tirelessly for humanitarian causes in the U.S. and abroad. She has served in local, state and federal government in various senior-level positions and has been recognized by several Mayors, Governors, U.S. Presidents, and other world leaders for her work in international trade, health care, and foreign policy.

      Dr. Shu is a U.S. National Health Service Advisor, the Special Advisor to the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland, the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania Governor's Advisory Commission, and the Pennsylvania HIV Prevention Community Planning Committee, the Vice President of the China AIDS Fund, a Visiting Professor to the China Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Senior Advisor to the China CDC, Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention. Throughout her career she has helped to improve the health care of those who are underserved, and facilitated international trade as well as facilitated the interchange of ideas between Eastern and Western medicine.

      Dr. Shu is well-respected in foreign policy and advises major corporations on international issues. She is the President of the International Sister Cities Promotion Association, Chair of the Asian American Voters Coalition, and Chair of International Affairs for the City of Williamsport, PA. She also is the Founder of the US-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.